Maui Green Home
Our Yard and Gardens

The driveway itself is actually pretty long.
The left side is straight up cliff.
The right side is straight down cliff...
The stream is below to the right, and follows the whole property.

Not a lot of space to work with so we wanted plants that wouldn't spread too much.
Notice the papaya trees started above.

In January, 2013, several of the trees, still shown above right, just tipped over into the gulch, by the stream. This started a fracture line, which was a precurser to a land slide, possibly taking part of our driveway! So we hired an excavator, who built a rock retaining wall, to hopefully prevent this from happening!

We are losing more of the driveway edge so will hire our excavator again, to continue the rock wall, and to dig out some of the left wall to move the driveway a little over...

This was taken from the other side of the stream.
Notice the retaining wall, about an inch from the top.

Our rushing river...

Outside the Gate:

Outside the gate, to the right is where the mailbox will go...

All my impatients died, and the pigs ate the elephant ear plants, and dug up the soil... so in March 2013 I planted some mother in law tongue plants, a red ti, more pineapples, and some rocks!

March 2014
Pineapples have started to form on the plants here. 
There is also a Poinsetta I planted, on the right, and a couple more Tis , and other plants ..



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 Maui Green Home
Our Green Home Updates
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