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Dad picking a pineapple

Ever see a Pineapple garden before?

2013 Papaya tree planted by a seed in 2009
10 feet tall!

Avocado Tree April 2014
With our first avocados forming!

Avocado Tree 2012

Our newly planted avocado tree 2011 

3 orange trees 2013
We planted two orange trees we bought, in 2011.
The one in the middle we started from seed. It grew so we planted it!!

Newly planted Breadfruit tree and sleeping cat... 2011

Cola Tree
I bought this cola tree when I bought the Sapote, and for the same reason... it was on sale! It is still in a bucket, but doing really well! I just can't decide where to plant it!



Our Green Home
Green Home Updates
Building our  Green Bamboo House
Yard and Gardens
Green Stuff, around our house and Yard
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Avocado March 2013

Orange blossoms, from trees we planted.

I bought this dwarf orange tree back in 2009. It actually lost all its leaves and looked dead for almost a year. I hung on to it, and it came back to life!

Breadfruit tree 2012

This is a Black Sapote tree

I knew nothing about it when I bought it, except it was on sale! They also said the fruit was like a chocolate pear! That was intriguing enough! I bought it in 2009, and had it in a bucket until 2011.

Yes, we have coconut trees~!
There are a couple large ones around the property, but we have a couple near the house that were started by "seed" from a friend...

Maui Green Home
Our Green Home Updates
Yard and Gardens
Animal sanctuary / Cat Rescue
Building our Green Bamboo House
Green Stuff, around our house and Yard
Green Links


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