Our ECO Friendly Green Home
Building our Green Bamboo Home
Our Bamboo House!

Building a house has huge ramifications on our ecological footprint. A house is one of the biggest investments a person will make, and more often than not, what it does to the environment is not even considered.

We did a lot of planning and searching before we decided what to build. Looked at everything from container homes, cement blocks, and sustainable lumber from the mainland. We also needed to make it legal! Otherwise we would have been happy in a tent!
We ended up with a beautiful bamboo house!

We decided to go with a local company, Bamboo Technologies...
It was a little over our budget, but we had to do it...

These houses are made from Bamboo, which is actually a grass, so grows extremely fast
without the environmental impact and waiting for decades for standard trees.
This Bamboo is even amazingly stronger than most wood,
and more naturally resistant to insects and mildew...
Besides being beautiful!
The houses are made in Vietnam, then taken apart in roughly 8x8 panels,
everything numbered as a kit, shipped to their final destination,
then put up in a matter of days!

Hopefully, someday, they can actually grow this type of Bamboo in the US,
and make it even more ECO friendly!

Click on the links below to see more in depth detail:
and more videos on how we went from this

To this!

Video: Putting Up Our house in 3 days!

2009 building prep:
2009 Foundation
2010 Bamboo house: Getting it there...
2010 Bamboo House: Putting it together!
2010 Bamboo House interior
2010 Bamboo House Roof/Exterior
2010 Bamboo House... finishing it...


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Building our  Green Bamboo House
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Our Green Home Updates
Yard and Gardens
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Building our Green Bamboo House
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