Maui Green Home
Building our Green Bamboo Home
Finishing our Bamboo House!

Still lots to do before we can move in...

Shaun has ground the bolts down to where they just need a
Bamboo cap put on to hide the metal ...

Lots of trim will be put on too...

Having a skylight is a great addition!
Roof got installed. Nice metal aluminum one.

Windows went in Feb. 15, with the help of Pams dad!

Pams mom is helping around the yard too!

Plumber and Electrician working off and on....
After that we will have an inspection, then be able to start closing the interior walls!

Inside kitchen wall with a little plumbing and wiring done...

We put another coat of stain on to help protect it from the sun and rain.
We will need to do that every few years, as most houses need...

February 20...

We put in 3 tons of gravel...
See the start of the patio. My dad put that in, using recycled plastic lumber. Looks great!

We also decided to coat the deck with a permanant slip proof paint (not eco friendly) but we needed something to withhold the wet climate, and last as long as possible...

This is what it looked like inside!
With some of the electrical and plumbing done.

We wanted to go with a composting toilet, and gray water system, but as of when we built the house, everyone is forced to have a septic system...


Our Green Home
Green Home Updates
Building our  Green Bamboo House
Yard and Gardens
Green Stuff, around our house and Yard
Animal sanctuary / Cat Rescue
Green Links

We got the water tank put together.
Liner was installed, pipes attached, gutters up....

20,000 gallon water catchment system!

Filters and system..

This is the fire plug and tank site
from before they started building...

Got our solar panels, batteries, and system all in place
and working

Solar; Photo Volteic Inverter.
Off Grid!

Maui Green Home
Our Green Home Updates
Yard and Gardens
Animal sanctuary / Cat Rescue
Building our Green Bamboo House
Green Stuff, around our house and Yard
Green Links


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