Maui Green Home
2011 Greenhome Updates

Finishing the deck....

The company we bought the Bamboo home from wouldn't sell us bamboo railings that would be exposed to rain, because they wouldn't hold up as long....
so we had to make our own...

We decided to go with treated fence posts, that are made to be outside, and small bamboo poles for the slats. I then painted them to look like the bamboo on the house! Turned out great! I even painted the downspout to look like bamboo.

GIANT CAT takes over our house!

Finally, time to get the drywall up!

It wasn't easy, being Shaun's first time, but particularily because bamboo walls are not flat....
None the less Shaun did a great job of getting the drywall installed!

We had it professionally mudded, then we painted it. I think the paint color was called Woodrow Wilson Blush. Zero VOCs! Just an off white with a hint of peach.

We also painted the floor a slightly darker shade.
Someday, we would like to install bamboo flooring too.

The plumber finally showed up and installed our shower!

And, even better, an outside shower and bath! Still needs a little work, but it works and is wonderful!!

We added more Solar panels too.

Kitchen Cabinets got installed!

I built the Kitchen Peninsula / island, and a pantry.

Shortly after, we recieved legal owner/occupant status.
The final inspection came through. We had to make a couple minor changes: putting our address on the house, and making the railings, in a couple places, just a little tighter, then we passed!

Finishing 2010

Our Green Home
Green Home Updates
Building our  Green Bamboo House
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Maui Green Home
Our Green Home Updates
Yard and Gardens
Animal sanctuary / Cat Rescue
Building our Green Bamboo House
Green Stuff, around our house and Yard
Green Links


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