Our ECO Friendly Green Home
2014 Updates

The flower garden is looking really good!

April and I spotted baby avocados on our planted tree next to the driveway!

2014 avocado tree

I built a couple tables to put next to the hottub.
And covered the exterior with bamboo fencing.
Because it looks nice, and keeps the cats from ripping it apart...

2014 has been one of the rainiest years ever!
Our stream has been a constant river!
And we have lost a little more of our driveway, due to slides...
Check the
Driveway page for a few more pictures

And more of the Rose apple trees are falling too.
Which is a good thing, since they are diseased, and look nearly dead, but sometimes they fall in the wrong places at the wrong times.... Shaun had to hitchhike to the office one morning... cause we couldn't get out the driveway. And on another time, mom and dad couldn't enter our driveway, but crawled under, to get the chainsaw, and clear it out before we got home...
Thank You very much!


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Some of the birds we see a lot at the feeder



Java Sparrow

Exciting to me....
We have a Yellow Tulip Tree! in our yard! We have lots of orange Tulip trees but this is the first yellow I spotted! They are a lot rarer on Maui.

Orange Tulip Tree

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Our Green Home Updates
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