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Animal Sanctuary and Cat Rescue

The main reason we bought the property, that we did, was because of the cats. When we moved to Hawaii we had no intention of building a cat sanctuary. We both love all animals but had no idea how terrible things are for cats here, and many places around the country.

I, actually, have always been more of a dog person, having dogs while growing up... I even thought I would run a dog shelter some day.... then I became a wolf person, wanting to help wolves because of how misunderstood and tormented they are. But here in Hawaii, it is cats that need the most help, which too are tormented and misunderstood.

If you are able to help,
we would really appreciate it.


We manage two colonies and started a cat sanctuary, for cats that have been injured, rescued, that have no home, Currently we have around 100 cats at the sanctuary, and around 20-30 more in another colony.

Basically we get the cats fixed,and take care of them, feed them, and make sure they are safe and healthy.

Besides the high price of feeding over 100 cats... we have several who need medications, and even flea prevention is expensive. We also deal with huge vet bills, for cats we rescue and others that get ill.

We also started Save An Animal.org
A 501 (c)(3) non profit organization,
so we can get grants and get more help, to then be able
to do even more.

Email Pam for more information:

Our culture, and society in whole, is terrible towards animals. We have decided to use animals for whatever reasons we want, and ignore the fact that they all have feelings. They feel pain, they feel fear, they can know love and should be able to have a life for themselves.... not here for our own, selfish, cruel, unnecessary desires.

Even people who have a dog or cat, as a pet, may love their animal, and do anything for it... but they ignore almost all other animals, or they ignore how animals are bred and raised, what the mother of their pet was forced to endure, and how many other animals are killed because no one wants them.

Open your eyes. See what is actually happening around you. Take a stand. You all say you don't think animals should be tortured.. but they are, everyday. Whether it is the feral cat down the road, or the food you eat...

It is easy to ignore... but by doing so, you are adding to the problem. If you really care about animals, and truly don't want to hurt anything, then think about what you are doing... get involved.
Help those who don't have a voice.

Nothing should be forced to feel pain..




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Our Green Home Updates
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