Green Home on Maui

Divorce happens, plans change, but still living as green as possible!

2015 Updates

driveway 2015


Started the year doing more work on the driveway. Decided to dig out the upper side of the driveway, to make it wider, so we drive further away from the edge...

driveway culvert rocks

It gave me more big rocks to use around the yard.

new rocks buy front culvert

I also turned the culvert ditch into a nicer area, with plants and weed block. I cut back some of the trees but will do more.

After culvert work big cat toy

The cats got their old cat toy again for a couple days.

 2015 maui flood

We finally got the stove in and permitted.

new art for our wall
 DIY plant table

I made a plant table with scraps of wood.

 Bought a swing bench for the hill

Bought a swing bench for the hill

The hill gets pretty muddy and slippery with the rain sometimes, so I put in a walkway...

cement brick walkway
 weed cloth

I also decided to put down weed cloth in several places. It is impossible to keep up with weeds, when you live in the tropics!

woodshed and breadfruit tree

2015 picture of the breadfruit tree, and wood shed...

picnic table

The picnic table was rotting a little, so I repaired the legs and put it in some concrete blocks to raise it up a little.

maui cane smoke

Only once did we see cane smoke from the sugar cane fields.

One of the poinsettas I planted is getting big! It was a throw away I found, from X-mas, a couple years previous.