Green Home on Maui

2018 Updates

The house from the hill across the valley/stream

Hawaiian Rainbow Eucalyptus tree

Rainbow Eucalyptus tree 2018

Cutting Rainbow Eucalyptus tree

I need to cut the branches from the rainbow eucalyptus every year or they get too tall, easily over 20' in a year. I hadn't been able to the past couple of years, so had to have the pros come out and take the tree down further.

house with tree gone

The house with the tree cut down

tree cutting

I had them take down a couple trees over the RV too

tree gone
RV front

The front of the RV

RV backdoor

Outside the backdoor of the RV 2018

Doing mostly demo work inside the RV... Remove the old.... Repair the walls and roof and floor....

Lots of rot.... Leaks in the ceiling. Holes in the floor...

railing to garden

I needed to put up a railing since I wouldnt be walking well after my knee surgery.

I made it out of old metal tent poles!

hurricane Lane Aug 24 2018 Maui Hawaii

Hurricane Lane came close Aug 24. Lots of wind and rain

Water FLOODED over the road!

The little stream was probably 10 feet deep. It flooded the road! That never happens!

After Hurrican Lane

The yard after the storm

green home logo  orange lemons

These "oranges" are actually lemons!!

pineapples pineapple growing interesting nest that fell out of a tree

This is a nest that fell out of a tall tree. It was the size of a football, with a hole smaller than a golfball. Anyone know what bird may have made it??


Tangerines from a tree I planted from seed!

I actually gave up on the tree. Nearly 10 years with nothing, I didn't think it was going to produce so I literally got my chain saw, walked up to it, then noticed some small green balls all over the tree!!! And they taste SO good!

 Century plant and schefflera

Schefflera tree and Century plant

The Century plant actually blooms after 20-30 years, but it seems like a century cause it takes so long!

The bloom is a super tall stick, over 20 feet tall, that gets covered with hundreds of tiny plants, that are the starts of new century plants.

bone on bone patella
Before and after knee surgery

No, my knee isnt very "green homeish" but it is pretty amazing what they can do!