Green Home on Maui

2017 Updates

More Rainbows...

driveway 2017

Driveway coming into the property

maui orchid

Breadfruit tree 2017

maui orchid

Breadfruit tree is now producing

maui weeding

This is a typical weed in the Hawaii jungle!

It is cane grass, an offshoot from the sugar cane industry.

It grows very fast, spreads quickly, and can be 6' tall!

One has to dig it out, or cover it completely, to make sure it all dies

Coconut seeds. Starting a coconut palm tree

coconut seeds. The start of a Coconut Palm tree!

centipede in hawaii
At least it's dead!

This was in the house!!

Although I have seen alive ones before!

RV backside

The RV has been ignored for too long, so I decided to remodel it into a guest room or rental, or who knows!... We will see!

RV demo

The start of a long hard job!

RV backdoor

I put in a door on the back towards the valley and stream.

RV roof RV bedspace above driver area RV bunk beds

We will see if I bit off more than I can chew!

Bernie sanders and maui tempeh

Good ol Bernie Sanders!

green home logo  orange blossoms Love Birds in hawaii

There were a pair of Love birds that came through our yard for one day. They are escapees from homes that have made their way in the wild

 moms pink yellow double hibiscus coral salmon yellow hibiscus  pretty green plant art  white orchid in maui maui yellow orchid great smelling plant on the 2 days it blooms close up of orange tulip tree flowers
Living room tv corner living room with xmas tree

I picked up this awesome Christmas tree at the Habitat for humanity restore for $15!

xmas tree in hawaii another rainbow in Hawaii
bone on bone patella
Surgery set for 2018

I damaged my knee years ago, and they removed the miniscus.

20 years later I need knee replacement surgery... will do next year.