Maui Green Home
2012 Updates

We added 9 more cats to the sanctuary in October following another tsunami scare... This is Felix.

We added 6 more solar panels! We charge the electric cars here sometimes, which takes a lot of energy.

We also decided to cut back one of our beautiful Rainbow Eucalyptus, because that was blocking too much of our sun. We left the bottom 20 feet so hope it branches out a little.

This tree was huge! We hired a professonal for this job. Can you find him in the right picture above...

Sad to see the tree go, but it will make a big difference with the winter sun, and with the garden.

Trying to work more on decorations.
I built the sofa beds in our livingroom/tv room, very cozy! Actually a twin bed from craigslist... Covered with a beautiful quilt I found at a resale store. Would like to find some nice fabric and cover the pillows on the chairs...
The headboard behind the chair above was supposed to be temporary... but the cats love climbing on it so much that we left it...

Lots of yard work to do too.

The garden had to be moved for cutting the tree down! Check the
Garden page for more on that!

Its been raining a lot!
End of July and the stream has been flowing non stop! We are thinking micro hydro.....

We do have a bit of a wild pig problem...

They like the big tubor root of the Elephant Ear plant, so dig those up...

They flattened one of my hills above a culvert, which I had pineapples growing on... It's amazing how strong they are.

Aren't they cute!
There's a Forest Reserve close to our property, where they are most likely from... Even though they do a lot of damage you can't blame for being born. Man brought them here, and they must be dealt with in a humane way. Birth control and fences... (I am refering to the pigs... I think)


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Maui Green Home
Our Green Home Updates
Yard and Gardens
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Building our Green Bamboo House
Green Stuff, around our house and Yard
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