Our Green Home on Maui

2020 Updates. Pandemic year!>/h3>

Time to work on the RV.

DIY deck building in Hawaii

Looking north towards the driveway.

Hurricane Douglas July 2020.

No major hit or damage, from Hurricane Douglas in Hawaii, but always a bit scary not knowing what might happen.

Hawaii Axis Deer on Maui

A couple Beautiful Hawaiian Axis deer on the hill across the valley.

I did a lot more work on the RV. It is Very nice to see the old rotting RV turned into something SO wonderful!

Although.. Demoing an RV is very hard work! Nothing is straight. There are bolts protruding here and there... Rotting supports. Holes... Nothing to pound into... I am very happy to be done with that!

RV demo after

I put in a roof over the whole thing, put in a front patio, and painted it! I had tried several coatings on the roof previously, but they never lasted with the heat and rain.... So a permanent roof was the way to go!

RV roof over the top

The week after I finished the roof, was when we had the hurricane warning.... so I bought tie down straps and put them over the top.... I didnt want the roof to blow off!

driver area

I wanted to move the main bed from over the driver area to below it.

Main RV bedroom and kitchen

I cut down the mattress to fit, and added a moveable bench seat that would extend the bed length when needed.

I put in bamboo flooring, bought on clearance sale, and combined 2 salvaged gallons of paint to make the green wall paint!

RV redo bathroom

The bathroom turned out nice too..

Toilet seat lid covers from yours truly
RV interior

Looking toward the back door.

RV backdoor

The RV backdoor from the deck.

view looking west

The view looking west from the RV deck.

A pig snuck into the yard again, so I had to fix the fencing. They can push their way over it, and under it...

pig damage on maui

Pig damage

lettuce starts

I had to replace my refrigerator, so I took the old one and made a raised garden out of it.

cool chair

These chairs were salvaged from the dump!

amazing folding wood slat chair

They are SO cool!

folding chair with wood slats

green home logo potted pineapples

The same Pineapples growing in a pot the year after

Planted Banyan tree

I planted the Banyan tree next to the driveway, in the culvert stream area.

Banyan Tree planted in 2020

small banyan tree on maui Large antherium flower

Huge Antherium flower... Dads sweetheart tradition, giving mom a bouquet of Antheriums for valentines day... and when they were here, over valentines, he would buy a potted Antherium plant and I would plant them.

typical weed on Maui

Be happy you dont live on Maui. This is a typical weed! Cane grass! Grows really fast, and over 5 feet tall!