Maui Green Home , on a budget!
Making a GREEN HOME in Hawaii
Everything we do has an impact
on the planet and those living on it.

We all have choices, everyday, that either are better for the environment or not...
Although we are not perfect, we are two people trying to live what we believe, and trying to leave the smallest footprint possible.

Follow our journey on creating a Green Home in Hawaii
 and living as close to sustainable as possible, without spending a fortune!

We built a beautiful "green" bamboo house! We are living off grid, with Solar, and have our own water catchment. We have gardens, fruit trees, and hope to live more and more off our land. Here is a little peak into our lives and what we are doing to live in a Hawaii jungle, legally, ethically, and as green as we can!

Click on the links to get a closer look at what we are doing to build a green home and eco friendly way of life.


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