Maui Green Home
We weren't actually looking for property,
when Shaun happened across this
beautiful piece of land in Hawaii at a price we couldn't refuse....
We had a nice condo near the water. And a big Alaska vacation coming up the end of July....
But it was perfect for us, and perfect for the cats....
And on the day before we left, for our trip, all the papers became finalized!

Coming in the driveway off the main road.

Main Building area. Looking South.

Our first night at the new property, August 2008.

One of the first things we did was get rid of all the appliances
and a lot of garbage that was left.

A couple weeks later, after making sure there wasn't anything else hiding in the grass,
We rented a Bush Cutter and heavy duty weed wacker to cut down the tall stuff.
Then on the 15th, we borrowed a riding mower from Nick to get it down even more.
What a difference!
(Yes that's a beer in the drivers hand...)

We also trimmed back all the low branches around the perimeter towards the west.
Trying to landscape a little, and decide the best places to build...
I'll take some more pictures next time....

Building area, looking North.

Sept. 14, taken from the hill
I'll try to remember to take some pictures from the exact
same spots so you can see more of the change...

We already made an addition to the house!

A couple culverts already in for drainage.

Beautiful trees!

Some free appliances already there!
These trees are at the edge of the cliff to the stream. Borders the whole way.

And a free car included too!
I am thinking mow this down and plant a big garden here...

Hill going to the East or left of building area...

The far south end of property.
Cliff and bamboo beyond....
(The neighbors house would be far to the right of this.
Across the Stream which is directly below)


 One of the first things we had to put on the property...

a swing for Pam!


and a Hammock for Shaun!


I suppose a privey is important too...

(Yes mom, we will get a wall around it for when you visit...)


We found a large 2 room tent at a garage sale!
Now we have a second tent, or "guest room" !!

We found some free steel barrels for rain catchment.
And 2 cast iron bath tubs! 1 for baths....?? the other as a garden bed.
We also got some free chain link fence... to start making the cat enclosure.....
You can see the shed in back and Shaun pulling weeds...

Looking from the otherside... in the driveway...

There were a couple beautiful pieces of wood on the property, so I made a couple of tables...

Here is the shed being built.... It was a kit from Lowes...

Hard to make out, but if you look at the trees to the right, there are a couple strawberry guava!
I cut down a couple of the Rose Apples (brownish trees all over the property) so we could access the guava better.
mmmmmmm They are ripe right now! Come over and try them! So good!
The Lemon tree is full and ripe right now too! And Coffee beans are gettig red!!

After about 5 trips back to Lowes, over a month, to replace damaged or missing parts,
And screwing a couple thousand screws...
Shaun finally was able to finish the shed the day after his birthday!

We placed it on top of pallets we got free, and some plywood too, we got free....
that Ruben, our MRS CDL driver and "scavenger extraordinaire" pulled out of the trash at one of the big resorts!
We also lucked upon some free plastic lumber that someone had been storing for 2 years and throwing away the next day,
but we were able to grab a big pile before they did! (See it in the back left of the shed)
It will be perfect for a deck floor, or walkway.... or garden edging

I also made a picnic table out of wood left on the property and some
plastic lumber from a work truck. Found the instructions on the web!
Turned out pretty good I think!

Next big job is building a cattery, so we can get the cats out there!
They are going to love it!

We've been going there every weekend, Working hard all day, and spending the night.
Usually after it gets dark we watch the stars awhile, if it's not raining...
then watch a movie on Shauns computer... until the battery dies...

One can tell it is getting closer to winter... Raining more and more....

Bottom of Driveway... Nice ferns all the way up

Top of Driveway leftside



Our Green Home
Green Home Updates
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Maui Green Home
Our Green Home Updates
Yard and Gardens
Animal sanctuary / Cat Rescue
Building our Green Bamboo House
Green Stuff, around our house and Yard
Green Links


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